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Friday, December 9, 2011

From Manic Monday to Frazzled Friday

Seems the world isn't coming to an end anytime soon, or my workload for that matter.  This week started out with it's ups and downs from the weekend.  As the year end approaches, things are supposed to get quieter.  A time to unwind, do some shopping, wrap some presents, and get the house ready for company.  Are we having Christmas dinner at the house this year, or are we going to drive to grandmas house in Brooklyn.  Either way, it's all good now that Friday is here.  Luke is back to playing some soccer, Kyle is going to go to his girl friends house and then out later for half price apps....that's not Ipad or Itune, or Iphone apps...The real kinda apps, Appetizers at Applebees.   So, one more week until I go on vacation, and really start to report on whats going on each day during the final year.  I am gonna have to explore adding pictures, videos, etc. to this thing.  Maybe I need my own webpage and domain.  Link to a picture of the day coming soon.  Stay thirsty my friends......

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