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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

While out on a last minute trip to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for Christmas Eve Dinner, I noticed the Toys R Us parking lot filled to capacity.  Since my boys are getting older, Toys R Us is not on the list of stores anymore.

Sue’s mom, Peggy Walsh and her brother Gerard are staying over tonight so we have a full house.  Sue is busy wrapping presents, the football game on in the background and it is already 430 and time to head to church.

The Seafood Fra Diavlo was really good if I say so myself.  Is nice to have the family sitting around the table and shooting the breeze..

Luke really , really, really wants to open a present tonight.  

Ironic how this day in history has the lighting of the first national Christmas Tree, and  now it seems that too many jurisdictions want everything made into ‘holiday celebrations’.  Merry Christmas.

On this day in 1923, President Calvin Coolidge touches a button and lights up the first national Christmas tree to grace the White House grounds.
Not only was this the first White House "community" Christmas tree, but it was the first to be decorated with electric lights--a strand of 2,500 red, white and green bulbs. The balsam fir came from Coolidge's home state of Vermont and stood 48 feet tall. Several musical groups performed at the tree-lighting ceremony, including the Epiphany Church choir and the U.S. Marine Band. Later that evening, President Coolidge and first lady Grace were treated to carols sung by members of Washington D.C.'s First Congregational Church.

I really like Christmas, and can’t get TSO off my mind.  Was a great early Christmas present.  Is that odd as I was Bar Mitzvah in 1975 ?

Trans Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon

This night
We pray
Our lives will show

This dream he had
Each child
Still knows

We are waiting
We have not forgotten

On this night
On this night
On this night
On this very Christmas night

Photo of the day “Merry Christmas”

P.S. Peace on earth.  Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas 

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