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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Over the hill and through the woods

Over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.   That’s right, during the holiday season we typically make the visit to Brooklyn even if we just saw Grandma at our house for Christmas.  Today we went to grandma Peggy in Brooklyn and got to hang out for a few hours with Sues brothers, Brian, Gerard, Don, and their families.  With heavy traffic on the Belt Parkway, we arrived just in time (late) for lunch.

It was a nice visit with good eats, desserts, and time to just sit and chat.  The return trip was even more painful than the ride into Brooklyn.   Heavy rain and traffic had the Belt looking like a parking lot.  Sue decided to swing by the old neighborhood, Marine Park and we pointed out some landmarks as we made our way down Ave. U and over to Flatbush Ave.  The boys seemed somewhat interested that their mom grew up there.  I was hoping the traffic would be better as we past the old Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor on Ave U.  That was the last time that corner property seemed to be busy or open for that matter.  We reminisced about the kitchen sink.

Jahn’s is most celebrated for its Kitchen Sink sundae, which was large enough to serve six.  Sue remembers going to her Janh’s in Gerritsen Beach, and I to the one in Flushing.  An unfortunate sign of the new millennium is that these type of mom and pop shops just don’t exist anymore.

This day in history Radio City Music Hall opens (1932).

At the height of the Great Depression, thousands turn out for the opening of Radio City Music Hall, a magnificent Art Deco theater in New York City. Radio City Music Hall was designed as a palace for the people, a place of beauty where ordinary people could see high-quality entertainment. Since its 1932 opening, more than 300 million people have gone to Radio City to enjoy movies, stage shows, concerts, and special events.

Radio City continues to entertain.  I remember seeing some special shows there.  Thomson Twins back when Sue and I were dating and more recently MGMT with Gavin. It was the year we got married, 1987 that Sue and I saw Thomson Twins and their 2nd encore was Hold Me Now.  It still brings chills when I hear that song on the radio.

Photo of the day “Over the hill and through the woods”


  1. I've taken my daughter into Brooklyn a few times - a bit longer commute from MA than Long Island though.

    I have had a jonesing for a Brennan & Carr Roast Beef sandwich for a while now...

  2. Hey Chris, your commute might be the same with all the traffic on the belt parkway, lol.

    My kids love going to Roll & Roaster and Randazzo's, they cost me a lot of money. I should have them try Brennan & Carr's next time.

  3. I got to go the the Jahn's in Richmond Hill by the theatre before it closed. I think that there is still one open in Jackson Heights. You should check it out.
    Happy New Year!