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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hot Cocoa

First, let me tell you what happened yesterday after I posted my blog.  Sue asked me to go to the movies, and since I am on vacation, why not.  So after dinner, she said we were leaving at 630 to catch the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  We get into the car, and since Sue listens to the “Christmas all the time station” , it was nice to hear some Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO ) come on.  I immediately said that TSO was playing at the coliseum, and they had two shows today…one at 4pm and another at 8pm.  Before we even got to the main avenue, Sue told me that she bought me tickets to see them.  I said, “your joking”…she said, “no, really”.  As we approached the end of Maria Ct.,  expecting her to turn right to go to the movie theatre, she turns left instead.  The rest is history and a moment that was meant to be.  The show was awesome.

Today being the first day of winter, one would expect the weather to be cold in the northeast.  We had very mild weather, over 50 degrees, mostly sunny.  I even went for a run this morning on my way home from the dropping off Sue’s car at the shop (no surprise REMOTE STARTER for Christmas).  Instead of drinking hot cocoa when I got back from a winter run, it was a glass of cold water.

On this day in 1900, the first car to be produced under the "Mercedes" name is delivered to its buyer: Emil Jellinek, the Austrian car racer, auto dealer to the rich and famous, and bon vivant. Jellinek had commissioned the Mercedes car from the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. It was faster, lighter, and sleeker than any car the company had ever made before.

I know Sue wishes she had a Mercedes Benz, with heated seats, and all the bells and whistles.  The Honda Pilot is so much more practical, and these days, who can afford a Mercedes Benz ?  Guess that remote starter counts as the “bells and whistles” for us.  If we hit the lottery or something, I will get her the Mercedes she has always wanted.  Christmas is only a 3 days away, and I find myself reflecting more, and am happy with what we have
While reflecting, I can’t help think about my Dad who passed away 15 years ago.  It does not seem that 15 years has slipped by, but it has.  Like sands thru the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.   My dad loved hot cocoa.  As a kid I could remember him asking me to make hot cocoa during the winter, he said I made the best hot cocoa out of anyone in the house.  Since I liked to cook at an early age, all I needed was some encouragement, and off I went to prepare some of the best hot cocoa in Queens.  You have to add some milk and mini marshmallows so it is just right.  It wasn’t until my 30th birthday that dad came clean, and told me that he was just too lazy to get up to make his own hot cocoa, so he came up with a method to have me keep making it.  I didn’t mind, and still don’t.

Another interesting “this day in history” was the birth of Nora Kanarkiewicz.  Happy Birthday Nora !  Nora, my niece is 19 years old today and like me, listens to Pink Floyd, and may even get to see Roger Waters when he comes to Albany.  I wear one of the tie dye tee shirts made as a bed shirt.  Sue says not to wear it outside....haha, I was out this morning in it when no one was looking....  All I can say, is that Nora, Joan, and Karen K should make more shirts this summer J

Photo of the day is “Reflections”

P.S. doom and gloom monitor at zero........

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