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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fathers day dinner on a Tuesday

Being the only one setting an alarm clock in the house is good and bad.  Good that there is no contention in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. but bad in the sense that there is no urgency to get out of the house.  I also have no excuse for getting to the office late....unless I hit the snooze button a couple of times.

Do you think I should adjust my wake up time for the summer, and just work later ?  I think not, as I am always more productive the first couple of hours of the day before the rest of America catches up with this early bird.

This day in history "On this day in 1945, the Charter for the United Nations is signed in San Francisco.
The United Nations was born of perceived necessity, as a means of better arbitrating international conflict and negotiating peace than was provided for by the old League of Nations. The growing Second World War became the real impetus for the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union to begin formulating the original U.N. Declaration, signed by 26 nations in January 1942, as a formal act of opposition to Germany, Italy, and Japan, the Axis Powers."

After work we decide to go for a belated fathers day dinner.  Yeah, a Tuesday night, and it is all you can eat crab legs at Popeis.   We pig out on very tasty crabs, wondering if any of the deadliest catch fleet brought these beauties up from the depths of the Bering Sea.

Good thing we made a deal with the Russians for that barren wasteland up north (Alaska) and have access to the riches of the Bering Sea.....Financial difficulties in Russia, the desire to keep Alaska out of British hands, and the low profits of trade with Alaskan settlements all contributed to Russia's willingness to sell its possessions in North America. At the instigation of U.S. Secretary of State William Seward, the United States Senate approved the purchase of Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000. on August 1, 1867. This purchase was popularly known in the U.S. as "Seward's Folly,", "Seward's Icebox," or "Andrew Johnson's Polar Bear Garden", and was unpopular at the time, though the later discovery of gold and oil would show it to be a worthwhile one.

Opilio crabs are on the menu tonight and a winter catch in the millions of pounds in the Bering Sea.  Opi's rule tonight, and they are clean, perfectly prepared, and abundant...

We usually wait till we get to Ocean City vacation before indulging in the all you can eat.  I think the crab legs tonight were the best I had in a really long time.  Ocean City will still not be beat by anyone for the local blue claws though.

When we get home, Kyle and Luke who were stuffed, decide to ride their bikes to Ralph's for ices....

Photo of the day "Fathers day dinner"

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