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Friday, June 1, 2012

8 Days a Week

Woke up several times last night with my big toe hurting.

Hobbled out of bed and into the shower and to work.

Advil and ice, and the toe is a little better, but I made an appointment to see the Podiatrist.

This day in history "1964 the Tribute plays at Westbury Music "

Grab some food at the bodega for lunch.  Rice, beans, and goat...  yes goat stew.

Once home, I take Kyle to pick up some cleats...not the ones he really wants as they don't have them, but a pair that does not have a whole in it.

On the road to Westbury.  A quick stop at Franks Steak House before the show.

Beatles tribute band is better than expected.  Nearly flawless, personable, and totally enjoyable show.  They have been at it for 28 years, and still look like they love love me (what they) do.

Photo of the day "1964 the Tribute"

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