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Friday, June 29, 2012

One Second

Work is done for the week, and we are settling into the summer pattern.  Lots of people taking vacations over the next couple of months.

Back home we have some salmon to cook.

After dinner, Luke says he wants to go fishing.  Stop twisting my arm.

This day in history - Or at least this weekend.  "(Reuters) - The world is about to get a well-earned long weekend but don't make big plans because it will only last an extra second.
A so-called 'leap second' will be added to the world's atomic clocks as they undergo a rare adjustment to keep them in step with the slowing rotation of the earth.
To achieve the adjustment, on Saturday night atomic clocks will read 23 hours, 59 minutes and 60 seconds before moving on to midnight Greenwich Mean Time.
Super-accurate atomic clocks are the ultimate reference point by which the world sets its wrist watches.
But their precise regularity - which is much more constant than the shifting movement of the earth around the sun that marks out our days and nights - brings problems of its own.
If no adjustments were made, the clocks would move further ahead and after many years the sun would set at midday. Leap seconds perform a similar function to the extra day in each leap year which keeps the calendar in sync with the seasons."

Well we made good use of our time at the lake, and look forward to that extra second.

Luke caught a few, I caught a few.  Not as many bites tonight and we ended up keeping one.

On the way back home, we stop to grab a slice of pizza.

I need to go for my run tomorrow...I have been slacking off lately.  My 1000 mile goal is seriously in jeopardy.   Does anyone think I can trade it in for completing a half marathon....another one of my goals.

Photo of the day "One Second"

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