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Saturday, June 30, 2012

West Lake

Simple things are good.

Took Kyle to soccer practice.

Ran 5 miles in San Souci.   Stubbed big toe on left foot and twisted right ankle.  Why ??

This day in history "Faced with an Aztec revolt against their rule, forces under the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes fight their way out of Tenochtitlan at heavy cost. Known to the Spanish as La Noche Triste, or "the Night of Sadness," many soldiers drowned in Lake Texcoco when the vessel carrying them and Aztec treasures hoarded by CortÝs sank. Montezuma II, the Aztec emperor who had become merely a subject of Cortes in the previous year, was also killed during the struggle; by the Aztecs or the Spanish, it is not known."

Gavin and I go to Lowes to pick up 20 bags of mulch.  They make it from skid to car to side yard.  Bring on the garden beds when we get some cooler weather...or tomorrow, heat or not.

Pizza for dinner.

Luke and I go to West Lake tonight.  We stop at bait and tackle to pick up live bait.  Little minnows and try our first attempt at catching large mouth bass.  Success, we each land a handful of small bass.  I get a perch as well, and Luke gets a pickerel.

Photo of the day "West Lake"

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