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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peggy Mom

Today Kyle and I were in Delaware at a soccer tournament.  His team won both games.

We were worried about Grandma, Peggy Walsh who has been sick the past couple of weeks and in the hospital.

Sue went home late last night.

Today in history "Peggy Walsh passes away"  It is with great sadness that Peggy Mom has passed away, and we will no longer have her in our lives.  She has inspired us all to be the best that we can be, and has ensured that the Walsh Clan is well prepared for all of life's trials and tribulations.  A true matriarch, a friend, a mother, a grandmother, a person who has influenced us all."

I remember meeting Peggy 25+ years ago while dating Sue, the youngest of the Walsh girls.  A tough crowd as I remember it, being an outsider at the dinner table.  It did not take long for Peggy's brigade to accept me and I became a regular at the table.

We shared laughs, meals, and one of my fondest memories, Christmas Mid-Nite mass.  The first year, if I recall correctly, we all went to mass, and when we returned, proceeded to open presents and have a big breakfast.  My first introduction to blood sausage and bloody Mary's.

I also recall that I introduced bagels, cream cheese and lox to the celebration.  Diversity, and a change of pace was something that Peggy welcomed.  We shared recipes, good times by the pool, barbecues, baptisms, communions, birthdays.

My boys loved when Grandma spent a few days with us, or accompanied us to Ocean City...most of all , a quiet hour or two playing monopoly or a dish of steamers in Port Jefferson.

I am sure each and every day, we will think of her, and remember all the great times we had together.  We will never forget the family reunion in NJ, and will forever cherish the memories of Peggy's Brigade.

Rest in Piece Peggy Mom... We will miss you.

Photo of the day "Peggy Mom"

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