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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The last time in our lifetimes we will see a consecutive date like 121212.  We celebrated the last day of porkapalooza with polish kielbasa.

Got home and had a few minutes to eat sushi before getting onto a call for work.

Missed the first couple of hours of the concert for Superstorm Sandy relief...aka 121212.

This day in history "

"Tears Of A Clown" gives Smokey Robinson & The Miracles their first #1 pop hit, finally

"  While Motown Records founder Berry Gordy surely deserves credit for establishing the creative philosophy and business strategy that turned his Detroit-based company into a hit-making machine in the 1960s, the inner workings of that machine during the company's early years depended almost as much on the talents of a young man named William Robinson, Jr., better known to the world as "Smokey." Even if he'd never sung on a single Motown record, Smokey Robinson would still be regarded as one of the label's most important figures purely on the basis of his production and songwriting work for acts like Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations. But Smokey Robinson did sing, of course, in his trademark falsetto, on some of Motown's most beloved records: "Shop Around" (1960); "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (1962); "I Second That Emotion" (1967), to name only a few. After more than a decade of hits like these that never quite made it to the top of the charts, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles finally earned their first #1 hit when "Tears Of A Clown" topped the Billboard Hot 100 on this day in 1970.

Never underestimate the power of music.  As I watch Eric Clapton I can't help but realize how much influence music has had on my life.  How it  brings times, places, and situations back to the forefront.  I sure hope I didn't miss Roger Waters.

On this 121212, I want to remind everyone to view the meteor storm tomorrow night.  It's an easy one.  Just go outside, get to a dark area,  let your eyes adjust for 5-10 minutes, look up, and make a wish.

Porkapalooza ended at sundown.  Such a big hit at work, we are thinking in the new year to continue with other made up excuses to share a meal in the office.  It is always great to try new things, and share good times.  Khary promises some food on Monday.  After all the pork, we may need to have something to balance the system.  Chicken sounds good.  

Photo of the day "121212"


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