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Monday, December 10, 2012


Was a little bit sluggish Sunday morning, and luckily, did not have much to do.  Sue went out to do some Christmas shopping and I was asked to clean a couple of bathrooms.  So, in between dropping Kyle off at his SAT prep course, I cleaned the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.  That was easy.

Was reading the paper and watching History Channel, which BTW has no real history shows anymore.  I do know how to mine gold, and the average cost of most items anyone would care to sell to the Pawn Shop though.

This day in history "Clarence Birdseye born in 1886"  American naturalist and inventor of the deep freezing food method and co-founder of General Foods Corp. On Arctic trips as a field naturalist for the United States government, he noticed that freshly caught fish, when placed onto the Arctic ice and exposed to the icy wind and frigid temperatures, froze solid almost immediately. He learned, too, that the fish, when thawed and eaten, still had all its fresh characteristics. He concluded that quickly freezing certain items kept large crystals from forming, preventing damage to their cellular structure. In Sep 1922, Clarence organized his own company, Birdseye Seafoods, Inc., New York City, where he began processing chilled fish fillets. In 1924, he developed an entirely new type of process to freeze dressed fish packed in cartons.

Found out something interesting the other day.  It has to do with vegetables.  Not only should we eat more of them, we should actually be buying them frozen as they contain more nutrients.  Seems that fresh vegetables lose their vitamins within a week or so of being harvested.  Unless you belong to a CSA, chances are the store bought variety are already losing their nutrients.

So, when you are not in harvest season, buy your veggies frozen.  Get wild caught fish flash frozen as well as opposed tot he farm raised stuff.  I read an article that suggests allergic reactions, and health problems being found now from farm raised aquaculture (salmon, shrimp, etc.).  They are fed unnatural sources of protein and grain, and much like Gluten allergies, Celiac, and IBS, allergists are starting to ween people off of certain foods and finding they are in better health.

Perhaps an experiment is in order at the Jenkins house.

So, a nice pork roast, farm grown sweet potatoes for dinner.  And store bought crescent rolls and stove top stuffing.

Photo of the day "Birdseye"

Magic Number 95

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