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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Had to set the alarm today to make it to the filed at 0730...A thick fog outside our front door as we leave the house.

As we drive, there are areas that are more thickly shrouded in fog than others, and it seen to be getting thicker as we head north towards the field.

Kyle needed help this morning putting his socks on, and tying his soccer cleats.  His wrist a little bit better than yesterday...probably not fractured.

This day in history "On this day in 2002, Toyota delivers its first two "market-ready" hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCHVs, in the company's shorthand) to researchers at the University of California at Irvine and the University of California at Davis. Since 1997, Toyota had been providing research money to UC scientists and engineers who studied the problems associated with "advanced transportation systems" like fuel-cell vehicles. With their new fleet of FCHVs, the researchers finally had a chance to test out their theories.
Unlike the Toyota Prius, which has a gas-electric hybrid engine, FCHVs use a hydrogen fuel-cell system that generates electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen. That electricity powers the car's motor and charges its batteries. As a result, the vehicle creates no environmentally unfriendly byproducts: its only emission is water vapor."

At the field, we can barely see the players as they are warming up.  Not sure Kyle will be playing and notice that he is not in the starting lineup this morning.  A sigh of relief.

Part of the way into the 1st half, Kyle gets subbed in, and Sue and I are a little on edge.  It all works out fine.  They teams play to a tie....their opponent being awarded a PK with only a minute left to play.  1-1 is the final, and as we are leaving we notice that the fog has cleared for the next set of teams.

Bagels, cream cheese, and lox for breakfast.

Shrimp parmigiana for dinner.

Sleeping in on the weekend, FogGedaboudit !

Photo of the day "FogGedaboudit"

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