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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teenage Pranks

Does anyone have teenagers in the house ?   They are full of surprises.

Kyle decides to sleep later than usual.  Sue says to me around 6am, that Kyle is not up yet.  I am already stretching before getting out of bed, and tell Sue that Kyle too his shower last night.  A minute later his alarm rings.

Gavin gets to sleep late as he is home from college.  I leave the house at around 930 this morning after some early morning meetings.

This day in history "Michael Sergio, who parachuted into Game Six of the 1986 World Series at New York’s Shea Stadium, is fined $500 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. On October 25, Sergio, a 37-year-old actor and Mets fan, landed on the infield with a "Let’s Go Mets" banner in the first inning of the sixth game between the Mets and the Boston Red Sox. Over 55,000 stadium spectators witnessed the sky diver’s arrival and cheered him on. Sergio, who was quickly removed from the field by police, claimed he was an experienced parachutist who made the jump to show support for the Mets."

Sounds like a teenage prank to me.

I get home from work and cook some chicken tikka masala.

Luke wants to get donuts at 7-11 , so he takes an early shower tonight so we can go get him donuts.

With only a couple of days left till Dec 21st, there are more and more Mayan calendar entries on facebook.

Photo of the day "Teenage Pranks"

The end is almost here.

Magic Number 37

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