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Friday, April 27, 2012

Back Home

After  a long trip through the mid-west for a business trip, its good to be back home on Long Island.  My flight on a regional jet (68) passengers from St Louis to Laguardia was smooth up to the last 5 minutes.  On approach, the wind was blowing the little jet all over the place.  Landing on the Lilly pad is easy for these pilots, but nerve wracking for the planes occupants.

Didn't grab dinner at the airport, so now at 1030pm, I am heating up the meatballs that Luke made the other day.

I missed the excitement here in Holbrook, where a brush fire on our block was extinguished tonight.  Thankfully a fast response and the fire was squashed.

This day in history "On this day in 4977 B.C., the universe is created, according to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, considered a founder of modern science. Kepler is best known for his theories explaining the motion of planets.
Kepler was born on December 27, 1571, in Weil der Stadt, Germany. As a university student, he studied the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus' theories of planetary ordering. Copernicus (1473-1543) believed that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system, a theory that contradicted the prevailing view of the era that the sun revolved around the earth."

I guess Kepler was off by a little bit, but his calculations in regard to the position and motion of the planets makes him a visionary.

The shuttle Enterprise landed today as well and has a new home in NYC.

Back home it is a little bit chilly, and after a long week away from home I look forward to my bed and pillow.  I sure hope I sleep thru the night.

Photo of the day "Small Jet"

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