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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Suffolk County Fire

Back to work while Sue and the boys remain on vacation.  I make it to work around 1130 as I had several early meetings this morning.

Same old, same old. 

There is big fire burning out east near Brookhaven.  Thankfully, the wind calmed down and the fire brought under control.  Hopefully we will get some rain, and the fire can be put out.

This day in history “
The legendary rock band the Beatles spent the better part of three years breaking up in the late 1960s, and even longer than that hashing out who did what and why. And by the spring of 1970, there was little more than a tangled set of business relationships keeping the group together. Each of the Beatles was pursuing his musical interests outside of the band, and there were no plans in place to record together as a group. But as far as the public knew, this was just a temporary state of affairs. That all changed on April 10, 1970, when an ambiguous Paul McCartney "self-interview" was seized upon by the international media as an official announcement of a Beatles breakup.”

We go out for dinner at the Curry Club.  It has been a really long time since we ate there.  Everyone is in agreement that their food is way better than my Indian food.

Nevertheless, I will continue to cook and leave going to the Curry Club as a treat.  A discount from doesn’t hurt.

Going to watch Glee and have a brew and popcorn.  Vacation week continues in the Jenkins house.
Photo of the day “Suffolk County Fire”

P.S.  We are thankful that all these brave volunteer firefighters do what they do !!

Firehouse and Fire District budget votes should be held soon, so this is fresh in everyone's mind.

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  1. I haven't eaten at The Curry Club in a few years. I used to eat there all the time while playing gigs at the bar they are connected to. called the Velvet Lounge.