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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Beaver Hunt

Easter Sunday was spent upstate NY at the Duanesburg Inn.  Karen, Bob, Joan, and Nora where nice enough to have us spend Saturday nite at the chalet.  Joan’s friend form NYU was over as well.

I tried sleeping late, but kept tossing and turning on the futon till the sun came up.  A quick cup of coffee and a stretch, and I was out the door for a brisk morning run.

Once back in the house, most everyone else was up and about, and starting breakfast. 

Everyone helped either set the table, cook, serve or clear the table for an early dinner.

This day in history “Easter at the Kanarkiewicz's"

Mack found Luke absolutely irresistible, and kept licking his shins and the back of his knee  Luke really wants a dog.

While the ham was in the oven, we went for a trek around the 10 acres, down to the creek, and back around again for a treasure hunt.

There is a beaver out by the creek felling trees and we hope to spot the Easter Beaver on our trek.

Once back, we identified some old Dazzle and Clorox bottles left by a doctor who owned the property and had a discard pile deep in the woods.  Seems it was  a common practice back in the day.

Dinner was great, a smoked spiral ham, kielbasas, tricolor carrots, green beans with walnuts and bleu cheese, mashed potatoes, pickled mushrooms, salad, and rolls.

We ate and chatted for a while, and each of us could have used a nap before the egg fight.

Not familiar with the egg fight, it was the first time the Jenkins family took part in it  A dozen eggs hard boiled and decorated for Easter are handed out or chosen.  Contestants then collide hard boiled eggs against a partners egg to see who’s egg will crack.  Once your egg cracks, you are out of the competition.  The NYU egg, owned and decorated by Andrew, Joan’s friend from NYU is the victor.

My egg, Humpty Dumpty did not fair well past the 2nd round, and was eaten after sustaining a flesh wound.

Cupcakes, brownies, lemon merengue pie, Easter candy and peeps became the last course of the day, before we had to depart and take Gavin back to Hartwick.

BTW - A couple of peeps, armed with toothpicks entered their own dual to a mutual death in the microwave oven.  Let's just say, marshmallows and microwaves don't mix.

 We drop off Gavin after hugs, and Sue drives the whole way back home..some traffic hinders our otherwise very good progress along the scenic route, and down route 17.  We meet up with the Morrison s, whose son Michael goes to Hartwick, and needed a break at the last rest stop on the thruway.  The Morrison's live on our block, and as we pass their house, we see that we made it home before them.

It is difficult to choose a photo of the day, but one from the trek around the property it is.

Photo of the day “Easter Beaver Hunt”

P.S. The beaver was here, and left his, or her mark on the tree.  I wonder if you listen when it is quiet, if you can hear them chewing.....Timber !!

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