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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pool Cover Basketball

Soccer was cancelled this morning with neither team getting to play or having to forfeit.  No referee and we are now going to have to play in NJ to make up the game.  That stinks.

Luke and I do a little grocery shopping after lunch.  Some fun on the pool cover and in the lawn sprinklers for Luke.  He doesn't need too much to have fun.  I remember at his age making up games and having fun like that. 

Since I am 49 years old,  I decided to soothe the soar shins in the hot tub.

Sue catches up on some laundry, and will be visiting her mom at her house tonight.  A sleepover so she can help out at the Drs. Office.  They still can’t find out why Peggy Mom keeps getting out of breathe, next specialist will check her lungs better.

This day in history “
In a year marked by as much social and cultural upheaval as 1968, it was understandable that the New York Times review of a controversial musical newly arrived on Broadway would describe the show in political terms. "You probably don't have to be a supporter of Eugene McCarthy to love it," wrote critic Clive Barnes, "but I wouldn't give it much chance among the adherents of Governor Reagan." The show in question was Hair, the now-famous "tribal love-rock musical" that introduced the era-defining song "Aquarius" and gave New York theatergoers a full-frontal glimpse of the burgeoning 60s-counterculture esthetic. Hair premiered on Broadway on April 29, 1968.
Hair was not a brand-new show when it opened at the Biltmore Theater on this night in 1968. It began its run 40 blocks to the south, in the East Village, as the inaugural production of Joseph Papp's Public Theater. Despite mediocre reviews, Hair was a big enough hit with audiences during its six-week run at the Public to win financial backing for a proposed move to Broadway. While this kind of move would later become more common, it was exceedingly rare for a musical at the time, and it was a particularly bold move for a musical with a nontraditional score. Hair, after all, was the first rock musical to make a play for mainstream success on the Great White Way. ”

So nice out, I decided to make grilled chicken Caesar salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms on the side.  I can’t wait for the farm share to start up so we can have big salads and fresh veggies every night.

Luke asks me to make cinnamon buns…Since they are already in a package, it is pretty easy to comply.

Popped Corn and The Amazing Race coming up.

Photo of the day “Pool Cover Basketball”

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