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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Started working from home this morning, actually hoping to drop Kyle off at the bus stop and go back to sleep. 
That didn’t work as I started waking up at my usual time, and once up logged in to get a jump on things.

Around 830AM, Kyle txt message me to tell me he has to go to the Dr. for his knee.  Still swollen above the knee, and the muscle doesn’t feel right in after several days of icing and advil.

Call the Dr. Office half a dozen times and finally get through to leave a message.  Get a call back at 12:30 and they say they will try to get us a slot for tomorrow.  I call them back at 230 and 430….

This day in history “Bill France Jr., the leading force behind the transformation of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) from a regional sport into a multibillion-dollar industry with fans worldwide, is born on this day in 1933 in Washington, D.C. France's father, William France Sr. (1909-92), founded NASCAR in 1948.
In 1934, Bill France Jr.'s family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, where his auto mechanic father, known as "Big Bill," raced cars on the hard-packed sand and promoted races. After witnessing how racing rules could vary from event to event and how dishonest promoters could abscond with prize money, France saw a need for a governing body to sanction and promote racing. NASCAR was officially incorporated in February 1948.”

I don’t k now what is so cool about NASCAR.  Do people watch it for the excitement of a potential accident.  Don’t get me wrong, these drivers are athletes in their own right, dealing with conditions that most of us would not be able to deal with for even a short time.

I finished my 2nd and final defensive driving class tonight.  We were taught to slow down, keep a three second distance between ourselves and other cars, and basically signal before changing lanes. 

There was a good deal of other information in the course and I would highly recommend it to all the drivers out there….fast, slow, courteous, and road raged alike.

I get home and Gia is leaving, her mom just pulled up in her SUV to pick her up.

Luke is getting ready to watch Survivor.  He told me that he liked the episode of hillbilly hand fishing.

Sue is in Brooklyn as her mom got released from the hospital, thank goodness.

I get a message that Gavin called.

The Dr. Office never called back.  I think there is still a good chance that they will call tomorrow to fit him in.

Photo of the day “NASCAR”


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