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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Got to see the St Louis based team for the first time in 21 months.  Having only seen most of them most, it was a much needed visit.  In addition, a site visit to our data center, a few meetings, and a workshop to go over some recent incidents.

All that work makes me hungry, and of course a team dinner is in order.  Chris is the tour director this time around and chooses an Italian place.

This day in history "At Port Said, Egypt, ground is broken for the Suez Canal, an artificial waterway intended to stretch 101 miles across the isthmus of Suez and connect the Mediterranean and the Red seas. Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French diplomat who organized the colossal undertaking, delivered the pickax blow that inaugurated construction.
Artificial canals have been built on the Suez region, which connects the continents of Asia and Africa, since ancient times. Under the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt, a channel connected the Bitter Lakes to the Red Sea, and a canal reached northward from Lake Timsah as far as the Nile River. These canals fell into disrepair or were intentionally destroyed for military reasons. As early as the 15th century, Europeans speculated about building a canal across the Suez, which would allow traders to sail from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea, rather than having to sail the great distance around Africa's Cape of Good Hope."

This linking of continents was no easy task, and very much worth doing.  I am happy to say that my team is not only diversely geographically distributed but also, diverse in there backgrounds and heritage.  It was nice being able to have 5 out of 7 of use together to talk, collaborate and enjoy a meal together.

The food at Brio was very good.  A couple of shared appetizers and seemingly, everyone picked their own unique dish from the menu, as if representing their uniqueness.   No overlaps.  Dessert was the almost no overlaps, but we find that Corina and Tom both could not resist the brownie.  Me, I chose a bread pudding because it is something I know I will never recreate at home.

Back at the hotel, I sure hope a full night sleep awaits because I sure need to go for a long run to work off the calories from that meal.

Photo of the Day "BRIO"

Chris, Carlos, Corina, Tom, and Bruce shared a meal at Brio St Louis.  Yum !

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