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Friday, February 24, 2012

An Apple a Day

Yesterday was another unseasonably warm day on Long Island, and records were set.  Things changed a little overnight and we had a gusty and rainy day today.   It was one of those mornings that you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, and knowing that Sue and the boys could sleep in, made it even worse.  I reset the alarm for 7am and decided to work from home.

Took a break at around 10am and finished building the TV Stand, or should I say credenza.  Credenza it is, and with the help of Kyle after lunch, we moved the old TV stand out of the family room, and moved the new credenza in.

Sue, Kyle, and Luke had dentist appointments right after lunch so I continued working until they got back home.  At that point, I was itching to get the new TV, cable box, DVD player, etc. hooked up.  The credenza looks like it was made for the corner we have it in, and everything fits in nice.  Actually have more room now and a couple of drawers to hide movies, remotes and whatever else gets in the way.

There is a break in the weather as Kyle gets picked up by Mike to head to the soccer field for an outdoor tournament.  Players are supposed to be at the filed 1 hour ahead of the game, and this time, Sue and I can catch up, and get to the field shortly before game time.  I sure hope the weather holds out, the forecast is for high winds, rain, and a temperature drop.  All the ingredients necessary for a miserable outdoor experience, especially for the players who can’t seek shelter.  There is nothing worse than losing body heat when wet.

This day in history “Steven Paul Jobs was an American inventor and entrepreneur who, in 1976, co-founded Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak to manufacture personal computers. During his life he was issued or applied for 338 patents as either inventor or co-inventor of not only applications in computers, portable electronic devices and user interfaces, but also a number of others in a range of technologies. From the outset, he was active in all aspects of the Apple company, designing, developing and marketing. After the initial success of the Apple II series of personal computers, the Macintosh superseded it with a mouse-driven graphical interface. Jobs kept Apple at the forefront of innovative, functional, user-friendly designs with new products including the iPad tablet and iPhone. Jobs was also involved with computer graphics movies through his purchase (1986) of the company that became Pixar”

Apple is perhaps the best run and most successful company in the world.  Everyone on the planet wants one of their devices, and some have all three (iPod, iPad, iPhone).  When I was growing up in the information technology business, we all agreed at the early stages that Apple was an innovator, not a copier or re-user of technology like Microsoft.   Little did we know that if we invested a couple of thousand dollars in Apple stock as opposed to buying our first Pentium desktop, we would probably be retiring by now.

Kyle was not so lucky in terms of weather, as it started raining.  Sue and got to the field at 6pm and the game was already underway.  When I walked out thru the mud with umbrella in hand to ask the other parents if I missed anything, they told me the score was 2-1 in our favor.  Seems the teams and referees decided to start 15 minutes early due to the inclement weather.  Anyway, we get to see a couple of more goals, and the MC United team (Kyle’s team wins 4-1).

While at the field I receive a call from my boss’s boss, in regard to an editorial outage.  I make some phone calls while still at the field to have my engineers check things out.  When I get home, we continue troubleshooting and having our recovery and management meetings until all is resolved.   Last call ended at 1030.

I asked my boss earlier today if I, and a couple of engineers on my team can get an iPhone to replace our blackberry’s.  The answer unfortunately was no.  Finance area won’t allow it.  I am too poor to buy and pay for my own iPhone, so blackberry it is.  Still iWant.....

Photo of the day “An Apple a Day”

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