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Monday, February 6, 2012


Back to the reality and when the alarm sounded this morning I wanted to hit snooze and get a few more minutes of sleep.  Some days I am waking up before the alarm, but today would have been a good three day weekend.  I think we should put in a request at our employers to make the day after the Super Bowl, a National holiday.  

I heard about some of the lucky folks who won a football pool or box.  All I can say is, let’s go to Emelio’s for pizza, you pay !  On the way home, Luke text me and asks if we can have chicken wings and meatballs for dinner.  I text back that it is a good idea, at the first stop light.   When I get home and start to heat up the chicken wings and meatballs, he says, he wants to make meatballs, as in meatballs and spaghetti.  Silly kid, we have leftover Swedish meatballs from yesterday.  We had some leftover Paella too, so dinner was quick and easy.

Sue is getting ready to teach religion, so I duck out for a while to go to Planet Fitness.  A quick work out on the days that there is nothing else on the calendar for me to do.  I really have to get back to cleaning out the basement so we can fix the ceiling and put in a new floor.  Kyle gave me a deadline of March 1st.   

This day in history “On this day in 2009, the Honda Insight, billed as "the world's first affordable hybrid," goes on sale in Japan. Honda took some 18,000 orders for the car within the first three weeks, pushing Toyota's Prius, known as the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, out of the top-10-selling cars for that month, according to a March 2009 report in The New York Times.” 

American automakers trailed behind the Japanese when it came to developing hybrid vehicles. The same week that Toyota announced it had sold its 1 millionth hybrid in America, Ford Motor Company reported that it had built its 100,000th hybrid vehicle in the U.S. As the Times reported in March 2009: "Unlike their American counterparts, Japanese automakers have long made energy efficiency a priority, teaming up with Japan's electronics conglomerates to develop high-powered batteries."

I talk about buying a hybrid and also about buying an American made car…possibly killing two birds with one stone.  Ford is supposed to release a Ford Max C-Energi, a plug in hybrid that is supposed to compete with the new Prius 5 plug in.  I sure hope it is not as expensive as the Nisan Leaf or Chevy Volt as those priced me out of the market.  Honda had the right idea, when they announced the Insight, the world’s first affordable hybrid…now if American car makers would just get the ‘insight’ to build a 5 passenger small SUV HYBRID for a similar price as a comparable combustion only vehicle, we would put America back to work big time.

Photo of the day ”Hybrid”

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