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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Making up for yesterday’s less than adequate blog entry, I decided to start bright and early.   With the pellet stove cranking, I know it’s going to be a little bit cold outside this morning. What would a Sunday morning be without that first cup of French roast, and the morning paper ?  I picked up the paper from the driveway and it has been sitting on the table waiting for me to open it.   Kyle is up and doesn’t look his chipper self this morning, he says he has a headache.  As I finish my coffee, I remember that we are picking up his friend Mike and they have a practice/scrimmage at Centereach Park, start time 09:45.

Kyle can use a couple of scrambled eggs to get him started, he came home late last night so didn’t get all his beauty sleep.  I scramble into action and his eggs are ready in a jiffy.  I remember going to a “greasy spoon” on the weekends with my dad.  He loved to pick up the racing form, and we would order the breakfast special at the corner store.  An old guy was the short order cook, and I still cant believe how he could remember all the orders as the wait staff would bark them out.

22, over easy, whiskey down, bacon and sausage, well done home fries.  For the uninitiated, this is 2 orders of 2 eggs made over easy (in those days you could order loose eggs), Rye toast (not to be confused with dry toast, Whiskey is made out of Rye which rhymes with Dry), one order came with bacon, the other with sausage.  Well done home fries meant that you had some of the greasy potatoes with some crispy edges.  The bacon grease infused flavor to both the grill and the home fries which were a combination of potato, onion, green pepper, and spices (I think some paprika).  The only thing that comes close is a rural or urban diner owned and operated by a family that is old school….You can’t get something this yummy in most diners, let alone an IHOP or Dennys.

That order sounds almost like the start of a football play, right before they hike the ball.  More on Super Bowl football later in the blog.  Kyle and Mike got dropped off at soccer, and I went to planet fitness where I put 6 miles on the treadmill in 59 minutes.  I have noticed that morning runs seem easier than those I put in after work.  Well on my way to my goal of running a 10K in under 60 minutes, and logging 1000 miles for the year.

Kyle was hungry on the way home from soccer and we went to taco bell for some crap.  I couldn’t resist, so lunch today for me was 3 tacos.  I am still hungry but will try not to pig out until later when we start the perpetual snacking for Super Bowl Sunday.

This day in history “Giants win Super Bowl XLVI”

Enjoyed baked clams,  Swedish meatballs, Chicken wings, chips and dip, and a couple of beers, and that was before the half time show.  Madonna and company put on a good, if not tasteful show with no wardrobe problems, but Madonna did almost fall.  This may come down to a kicker’s game, and one that reminds me of a quote from Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

"Laces Out" in "Ace Ventura - Pet Detective" was a key phrase. It was what drove Lt. "Lois" Einhorn (aka Ray Finkle) crazy and made him/her blame Dan Marino for failing to do in the final seconds of a Superbowl game where both were supposedly playing for the Miami Dolphins. In kicking a field goal, Finkle/Einhorn blamed Marino for failing to position the football for Finkle/Einhorn to kick with its laces facing the goal posts ("laces out") as opposed toward the kicker's foot ("laces in"). With laces out, trajectory of the ball is more controllable; with laces in it is not and Finkle blamed for missing the field goal that supposedly lost the Dolphins the game and what led Finkle/Einhorn to go crazy and kidnap Marino and "Snowflake" the team's mascot dolphin.

The game was awesome to watch especially in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter.    The Giants come thru and Eli does what he does best in the last minutes of games.  The Giants find a way to go ahead and hold the lead. 

Drive home safely....

Photo of the day ”NY GIANTS”

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