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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Up early on a Saturday morning.  Check out a new gym by the house called Unique Fitness.  We take Kyle to soccer match and the wind is out of control.  Back home in the afternoon, and Luke and I go to Costco.   They have some really big canned items.

This day in history "American drive-in movie theaters experienced their golden era during the 1950s, but some Floridians were watching movies under the stars in their cars even before then: The city of Miami gets its first drive-in on this day in 1938. The Miami drive-in charged admission of 35 cents per person, which was more than the average ticket price at an indoor theater, and soon had to trim the price to 25 cents per person."

After dinner, we go to Luke soccer game.  His team squeaks out a win in the last 5 minutes of the game.  We watch a Netflix movie, no drive in for us.

Photo of the day "Peaches"

6 Lb. Can of Peaches

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