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Friday, February 17, 2012

Herbie the Love Bug

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and a long weekend.  Noticed the other day when looking at the work calendar, that Monday is Presidents day, and that gives me a 3 day weekend.  Put in a day off Tuesday and extended it so as to have some extra time to work on the basement.

Met Swami and had lunch at Kirin Palace with Sanjay, Khary, and Ruben.  It is funny how Ruben is cutting back on his sugar intake but not watching how much Naan he stuffs in his gut.  We tried to tell him that sugar is sugar, and that bread, well that has the same effect as sugar in your body, so back off the Naan.  The service was not as good as recent visits, and it turns out they are under new management.  The food was pretty good as usual, no real surprises, just basic if not spicy enough Indian Buffet food.

Got the guys on the team all ready for the weekend changes and fixes, so hopefully after tomorrow afternoon we are smooth sailing with no calls.  There I go, jinxed it again.  One of my new guys, Frank is working from home the past few days with a busted knee which looks like a torn meniscus (at least his MRI matches the ones on the internet showing the same).  Who needs another visit to the orthopedist just for him to tell Frank he has a torn meniscus.  Being that neither of us are doctors, maybe we are looking at the wrong thing, and just maybe it doesn’t need surgical repair.  Finger crossed Frank.

Pick up a meatloaf from Mama Lombardi market and head home.  Before I get in the door, my cell is making its txt noise with Luke telling me he and mom are out hunting for shoes (that means sneakers).  Kyle is at his girlfriend Gia’s house, and Luke wants to know what’s for dinner.  I tell him meatloaf, and he asks if we can get something else.  Long story short, Sue is picking up a Sicilian pizza from, you guessed it, Mama Lombardis.  I have to go to the gym to work off the past weeks’ worth of not so healthy eating, snacking, etc.   All for the best, as Kyle is the one that really likes meatloaf anyway…and damn, there is no gravy in the house.

This day in history “On this day in 1972, the 15,007,034th Volkswagen Beetle comes off the assembly line, breaking a world car production record held for more than four decades by the Ford Motor Company's iconic Model T, which was in production from 1908 and 1927.
The history of the VW Beetle dates back to 1930s Germany. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and announced he wanted to build new roads and affordable cars for the German people. At that time, Austrian-born engineer Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) was already working on creating a small car for the masses. Hitler and Porsche later met and the engineer was charged with designing the inexpensive, mass-produced Volkswagen, or "people's car." Hitler's plan was that people could buy the cars by making regular payments into a savings stamp program. In 1938, work began on the Volkswagen factory, located in present-day Wolfsburg, Germany; however, full-scale vehicle production didn't begin until after World War II.”

The people’s car has staged a comeback in recent years, and you see the “bug” on the road and in commercials.  Not the sleekest looking car, but I hear it is safe, reliable, good basic transportation.  I bet it is fuel efficient too.   In honor of this, I will shape my meatloaf to look more like the bettle than it does in its present more oblong form.  If it comes out looking like a VW Beetle, I will take a picture of it.  Don’t hold your breathe.

I think Kyle made cookies in the kitchen before he went to his girlfriend’s house because there is a mess.  He went to swap Valentines gifts, and I am sure cookies were part of  it.  I think he has the love bug. 
I get home from the gym and we start watching a movie.  The movie keeps skipping and glitching.  I check the DVD and it is scratched.  Netflix is usually pretty good, but this time there will be no Mr. Popper’s Penguins to watch. 

Photo of the day “Herbie the Love Bug”

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