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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Basement Floor day 2

My extra day off was really a work day in a sense as I spent most of the day working on the basement.  While Sue, Kyle, and Luke slept in, I started working in the drop ceiling as it is a quiet piece of work.  Once the gang was up and about, I continued laying the flooring.  This is a noisy proposition with table saw, and hammer to coax (force) the tongue and groove to meet.

I stopped mid day to make a sandwich and a noticed that my back, neck, and knees were already taking a beating from doing work that I don’t normally do.  I have to give tradesman, and laborer’s a lot of credit for doing this kind of work day and day out.

Kyle, Luke and Sue were busy cleaning up the main part of the house.  Kyle and Luke painting various parts of the stairs, banister, and wall and things are really shaping up.  The day went by and before I knew it was dinner time.  Took a break and made some paella, and soon after eating, I went back to the basement.

This day in history “John Mercer English chemist and industrialist who invented the mercerisation process for treating cotton which is still in use today and was a pioneer in colour photography. From age 16, and throughout his life, he investigated and developed chemical textile dyes. Late in his life, in 1844, he found that when cotton is treated with caustic chemicals, it became thicker and shorter - thereby stronger and shrink-resistant. Further, the cotton was more easily dyed, needed 30% less dye, more absorbant, and could be given an attractive silk-like lustre. He called his process mercerisation and patented it in 1850. Mercerisation was applied to many other materials, such as parchment and woolen fabric, and remains an important part of the cotton finishing process today.”

I thought I had enough time to get the floor done, but too many cuts, and by 730pm tonight I just had to give my knees and back a break.  Watching some TV with the family, and will finish tomorrow after work.  Took some advil, and hope that I am not in too much pain tomorrow.

Special thanks to all my reader and followers.  I just noticed that the blog has had over 2000 Views since inception.  Comments and suggestions always welcome.

Photo of the day “Basement Floor day 2”

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