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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Language Award

Woke up this morning and started getting ready to go to work,  6:25 Kyle and I step outside and discover snow has invaded the surface of our planet.  At least the grass and the windshield of my car had snow on it.  Not the light fluffy stuff, but the type that sticks to the windshield like mollusks on the edge of a piling or pier.  Kyle has caught on, and whips out his school ID card and starts scraping, as I pull out my Corporate American Express card to scrape my side.  I try the purpose built ice scraper with a handle and mitten grip…useless.

We make it to the bustop, and even with scraping the windshield, it seems to glaze or frost over in seconds making it nearly impossible to see.  I navigate to the flashing lights of the school bus and proceed to re scrape the finest layer of frost the world has ever seen.  Now I know why people, at least sensible, normal people, who have a remote car starter or don’t mind wasting gas, warm up their car.

Three hours into being at the office, my cell phone starts to ring.  Who can that be ?  Luke is calling from the nurse’s office with a headache, stomach ache, and general malaise.  What the heck, I have worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday already…one more time.  I pick him up from school, take him home, make him some tea…he falls asleep on the couch with 99.2 temperature.  There is never a dull moment raising 3 boys.

This day in history “On this day, Congress pushes ahead standard time for the United States by one hour in each time zone, imposing daylight saving time--called at the time "war time."
Daylight saving time, suggested by President Roosevelt, was imposed to conserve fuel, and could be traced back to World War I, when Congress imposed one standard time on the United States to enable the country to better utilize resources, following the European model. The 1918 Standard Time Act was meant to be in effect for only seven months of the year--and was discontinued nationally after the war. But individual states continued to turn clocks ahead one hour in spring and back one hour in fall. The World War II legislation imposed daylight saving time for the entire nation for the entire year. It was repealed Sept. 30, 1945, when individual states once again imposed their own "standard" time. It was not until 1966 that Congress passed legislation setting a standard time that permanently superceded local habits.”

As an IT professional, I know all about daylight savings time, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and all the variations of when different locals change their clocks.  Spring forward, Fall back, and even when the government changed the rules.  This is of course of concern as we need to make sure the system times and clocks are all set correctly.  Thankfully, most operating systems now take care of this automagically….yes, I said AUTO MAGICALLY.

This evening after making the best salmon teriyaki ever, we headed to the HS to celebrate an awards night for the Foreign Language National Honor Society.  Kyle and 160 other students of French, Italian, or Spanish who have achieved honors status, are recognized and awarded a certificate for their hard work.  We got to see some neighbors we have not seen since the last awards ceremony, but more importantly we got to applaud Kyle, who is quite the scholar.  Working for an international news organization, which I am proud to say is very diverse, I can affirm that a 2nd language is a valuable asset.

Congratulations Kyle Jenkins !

Photo of the day “Language Award”

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