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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Blower

This Sunday morning, Sue gets up with Kyle at like 6am to get ready to go the field for a soccer match.  Are we having fun or what?  I stay in bed, even though it is tough for me to sleep with the shower and hair dryer.  It gets quiet and I fall back to sleep, only to be woken up by a blackberry message from an engineer on my team.  He is in St Louis, so it is even earlier for him.

I spend the next hour or so helping to sort out a problem an work, and then make a cup of coffee.  I txt Sue for the score of the soccer match, and she says it ended with a loss 2-1.  This means the team will not be playing a final 4th game this weekend.  That’s how it goes sometimes.  Sue picks up bagels, cream cheese and lox for breakfast on her way home.  We down for breakfast and to watch the end of a soccer match on TV.

The parts for my snow blower arrived, and with no more soccer matches today, I call Anthony to see if he can swing by to finish the repair.  There is no immediate threat of snow, but I have had this snow blower sitting in disrepair since last year.  I am in luck, he happens to be in the area already and will swing by later.
I head off to Home Deposit , I mean Home Depot to get some laminate flooring glue, and some finishing moldings, and transitions for the doorways.  I also return the new jig saw that I never opened as all cuts were either made with the borrowed table saw or by hand.  I get home, and Sue and Luke are heading out to church.

This day in History “Herbert Henry Dow is born”   A pioneer in the American chemical industry and founded the Dow Chemical Company (1896). Dow developed and patented an entirely new electrolytic method for extracting bromine from the prehistoric brine trapped underground at Midland, Mich. and in 1890 organized the Midland Chemical Company. The Dow process was remarkable in that it did not result in a salt by-product, that it operated on comparatively little fuel and it was the first commercially successful use of the direct-current generator in the American chemical industry. He next developed the electrolysis of sodium chloride in order to yield sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and chlorine for bleaching powder. In 1916, Dow extracted magnesium, a very lightweight metal from brine, and quickly saw its importance as a structural metal. His first patent was issued in 1889. By 1933 he had over 90 patents. His diverse inventions included electric light carbons, steam and internal combustion engines, automatic furnace controls, and water seals, though most of his inventions were chemical in nature.

I am quite sure that the laminate flooring glue that was purchased today had some Dow chemical in it.  The snow blower no doubt with its plastic housing, and rubberized auger paddles has also benefited from Dow.  I am pretty sure that nearly every product we purchase has a piece of DOW patents in it.

Oh yeah, Anthony fixed my snow blower so I am ready for winter.  Will it snow again this year ?

Photo of the day “Snow Blower”

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