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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brit Floyd

More fog this morning, not as thick as the day before.

Had my first St. Joseph’s Day pastries, one cannoli cream and one custard.  One, called a sfingi, is filled ricotta, while another, filled with a vanilla custard, is called a zeppole.

Came home and made reservations for Franks Steak House

Received a $15 off coupon

Went to Brit Floyd

This day in history “The Moondog Coronation Ball is history's first rock concert.  Breathless promotion on the local radio station. Tickets selling out in a single day. Thousands of teenagers, hours before show time, lining up outside the biggest venue in town. The scene outside the Cleveland Arena on a chilly Friday night in March more than 50 years ago would look quite familiar to anyone who has ever attended a major rock concert. But no one on this particular night had ever even heard of a "rock concert." This, after all, was the night of an event now recognized as history's first major rock-and-roll show: the Moondog Coronation Ball, held in Cleveland on March 21, 1952.
The "Moondog" in question was the legendary disk jockey Alan Freed, the self-styled "father of rock and roll" who was then the host of the enormously popular "Moondog Show" on Cleveland AM radio station WJW. Freed had joined WJW in 1951 as the host of a classical-music program, but he took up a different kind of music at the suggestion of Cleveland record-store owner Leo Mintz, who had noted with great interest the growing popularity, among young customers of all races, of rhythm-and-blues records by black musicians. Mintz decided to sponsor three hours of late-night programming on WJW to showcase rhythm-and-blues music, and Alan Freed was installed as host. Freed quickly took to the task, adopting a new, hip persona and vocabulary that included liberal use of the phrase "rock and roll" to describe the music he was now promoting. As the program grew in popularity, Mintz and Freed decided to do something that had never been done: hold a live dance event featuring some of the artists whose records were appearing on Freed's show. Dubbed "The Moondog Coronation Ball," the event was to feature headliners Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers and Tiny Grimes and the Rocking Highlanders (a black instrumental group that performed in Scottish kilts). In the end, however, the incredible popular demand for tickets proved to be the event's undoing.”

Late night for the blog, just got home from dinner and some Pink Floyd music.

So, the history is ‘Moondog’, not quite Dark Side of the Moon.  However, if it weren’t for Moondog, would I have gone to a rock concert tonight ?

Frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without rock and roll.

Frankly, having Frank bring me a Sfingi and going for a steak at Frank’s was quite ironic.

Seeing Bruce's mac n cheese on the menu at Franks...weird.

Photo of the day “Brit Floyd”

Shine on you crazy diamond

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