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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Lots of thing going on today, but it is getting late, so I am doing a short blog.

Kyle left his bathing suit and towel home, so Sue did not get to have breakfast this morning.

Work has a series of meetings cancelled while we work thru a problem that occurred in London.

Babur, my boss came for a visit, and we get to go out to lunch at Paces Steak in Hauppauge.
YUM.  Highlight of the day.  Petite Filet Mignon, cream spinach, home fries, mozz and peppers and a black and tan…

Get back to the office, and continue to cancel team meetings until we leave around 6pm.

Sue has a sinus infection and her ENT wants her on antibiotics and rinses. 

Since I am running late and stuck in traffic, Sue goes to drop off her script at CVS, and pickup up dinner and some pop tarts for Kyle.  Luke gets some MIO.

This day in history “A 6.8-magnitude earthquake near Erzincan, Turkey, and an unusually powerful aftershock two days later kill at least 500 people and leave 50,000 people homeless.
Erzincan was a provincial capital city of 90,000 people 600 miles east of Istanbul in Central Turkey. The people of the area were no strangers to earthquakes--deadly quakes had struck the area in 1047, 1547, 1583, 1666, 1784 and 1939. It was a Friday evening during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when the 1992 earthquake struck; most people in Erzincan and the surrounding area were sitting down for their evening meal. Seventeen seconds of powerful jolts and rocking began at 7:19 p.m., bringing down buildings and all electricity in the region.

I tell Sue about my bonus, and how it is like half of what I usually get…it is a bonus though, so grateful for the extra money.

Luke tells us he is not going to continue playing soccer…he is icing and heating his heel a few time a day, but still in pain.

930 and Sue and Luke falling asleep on the couch.

My world feels a little shaky today too.  Thankfully I am prepared to hit the ground running tomorrow.  Missed my run today, so will hopefully do a long run tomorrow.

Photo of the day ”Paces”

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