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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring

Left the house this morning with Kyle and couldn’t believe how thick the fog was.  Luckily, I I did not have to deal with traffic so early, and navigated safely to his bus stop on a residential neighborhood street.   

Getting to work was not too bad, as most of trip is straight on the LIE, and people seemed to take it just a bit slower today.  Looking in the rear view mirror for a glimpse of sun, and it was nowhere to be found.
Welcome spring, with its warm temperatures during the day, and cooler temperatures at night.  Being on an island, we can get some nice fog rolling in.

This day in history “
According to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on this day in 1345, from what they call "a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on the 20th of March 1345". The Black Death, also known as the Plague, swept across Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the 14th century, leaving an estimated 25 million dead in its wake.
Despite what these scholars claimed, it is now known that bubonic plague, the most common ailment known as the Black Death, is caused by the yersinia pestis bacterium. The plague was carried by fleas that usually traveled on rats, but jumped off to other mammals when the rat died. It most likely first appeared in humans in Mongolia around 1320. Usually, people who came down with the plague first complained of headaches, fever and chills. Their tongues often appeared a whitish color before there was severe swelling of the lymph nodes. Finally, black and purple spots appeared on the skin of the afflicted; death could follow within a week. Later, a pneumonic form of the plague developed that was less common but killed 95 percent of the people who contracted it.”

Rats, of all things.  What I find interesting in the conjunction of planets that coincided with the plague.  On Dec 21, 2012 there will be a conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Earth.  Will something happen ? 

Late night for the blog, coming home from Kyle’s practice at 10:15.

Tacos for dinner.

Tried running at the field tonight and got a stitch in my side.  A little over 2 miles and then I walked.  Too many tacos for dinner ?

The Spring Equinox arrived at 01:14.   

Photo of the day “Hello Spring”

P.S. Who will be the responsible for bringing the blog it's 3000th view ?

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