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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The new surf and turf

I missed it.  I can’t believe I missed it !  This is what happens when you are not paying attention.

All things considered, not having too much time lately to plan, research, or uncover the goodies that I put into the blog.

I rushed home today to cook dinner.  I don’t even change into my play clothes and I am already chopping veggies, cleaning shrimp, and slicing meat.

Sue and Luke tell me they are going to the soup kitchen tonight at 4:40.  No, I am not cooking for the soup kitchen.  I hurry through the prep, and get dinner or at least the main course on the table with 2 minutes to spare.

This day in history “Yesterday, This day in 1994, Pink Floyd's final album, The Division Bell, was released.”

So, some of you are saying, Pink Floyd, who cares.  Turns out that over 100,000 people on Facebook clicked like for the photo and caption the Division Bell.

Everyone is talking about the upcoming lottery, that is more than ½ a billion dollars at present. 

When we win, it is going to be difficult to adjust. 

I will take a few thousand dollars and a hot glue gun and decorate a tree that has not bloomed yet, and tell all the kids that “money does grow on trees”

If things get bad, and everyone wants some of the winnings, we may have to enter the “winner protection program”…similar to the witness protection program, but on our own island in the Bahamas.

Sue was grossed out by dinner, Kyle wouldn’t even try it.  Luke and I will eat anything.

I sense a Division, Dinner Bell of our own.  Oh Deer !

Getting ready to take Kyle to practice and I will get to the gym for my run.

Photo of the day “The new surf and turf”

Shrimp and Venison Fajitas.  I had three Venison was good, and different.  I ate a shrimp just to make sure it came out OK.  Leftovers in the fridge if anyone wants to try it....

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