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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grilled Ribeye, Roasted Potatoes, and Green Beens

We lost an hour of sleep this morning in trade for having more daylight at the end of the day.  Most of our modern day clocks, cell phones, and computers automatically change their time based on the programmed dates for DST.  The microwave, stove, car, and Garmin watch needed a manual adjustment.

It won’t be more than a few years, and all devices will have Bluetooth, a time sync, or program in their chip so that we don’t have to adjust anything.  As a reminder, this is a good time to check smoke detector batteries.  I need to buy some new ones as one on 1st floor is really old, and the basement one was thrown away. 

Took Kyle to practice this morning, but first stopped at Modell’s for a new soccer ball.  Got to the field 15 minutes before the start of practice.  At the start time, 11am, there were only three boys.  Another parent just noticed her text message that practice was moved to a different field.  Doh !

This day in history “On this day in 1997, Paul McCartney, a former member of the most successful rock band in history, The Beatles, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his "services to music." The 54-year-old lad from Liverpool became Sir Paul in a centuries-old ceremony of pomp and solemnity at Buckingham Palace in central London. Fans waited outside in a scene reminiscent of Beatlemania of the 1960s. Crowds screamed as McCartney swept through the gates in his chauffeur-driven limousine and he answered with a thumbs-up.

I go to Planet Fitness and after my workout, cancel our memberships.  We are still able to go there till April 16th.  We are now at Unique Fitness, only 2 miles from the house and will not doubt save a lot of time and gasoline.

After lunch, it is off to Costco.  Didn’t I just go there last week?  These boys are going to eat me out of house and home.

Luke has a friend over and decides to play some basketball without his boot on…he says his foot is feeling a little better.  Let’s see how he feels later.

Sue and Luke went to church and that set me in motion to have dinner ready when they get home.  More to be said in regard to the menu later on in the blog.

Fire up the grill at 6pm and it is still light out.  Thanks DST.

While outside, I notice buds forming on trees and bushes.  The perennials are also starting to peak thru the soil.  Will we have a late March snow storm, or is it really time to start getting the garden beds ready.  Could 5 yards of fresh mulch be in our future ?  I better get a new wheelbarrow.

I have been craving a nice juicy steak and the family wanted filet migon (expensive taste) and the smallest one at Costco was like $70.  I chose a package of 4 beautiful boneless ribeye steaks instead, at a more civilized $28….

Once seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper, garlic, and Cajun seasoning, they are brushed with oil.   They look so delicious already as they lay resting until they meet the grill.  Hint – meat cooks better when it is closer to room temperature than when it is taken straight from a 38 degree fridge.

Twelve hand selected red potatoes are scrubbed, dried and quartered.  The olive oil, Paprika, salt, pepper, and rosemary go into a zip lock with them, and once fully coated, onto a roasting pan and into a pre-heated 375 degree oven.

French green beans, flash frozen and purchased at Costco get ready for the microwave…nothing fancy there.

I clean the grill grates, spray with some Pam, and then crank up the burners on high.  At 6pm the steaks meet the hot grill, and I set the timer for seven minutes.  I keep an eye out for smoke, which is a telltale sign of fire, and shift the steaks without turning them to take them out of harms way.

When the timer goes, off, I turn the steaks, onto a hot exposed area of the grill to ensure another quick sear on the 2nd side.  Turn the grill to medium, set the timer for 7 minutes.

Decided to check the power output for the day….25.3 Kwh…Wow, that’s like $5 !!!
Sue and Luke walk in the door as I am taking the steaks off the grill.  Perfect timing, cause they should rest for a few minutes before being cut.

Kyle and I left nothing but a few pieces of fat and gristle.  Sue and Luke are a little more selective, but both did a good job on devouring the leanest and juiciest parts of their steaks.  Luke decides after dinner that he doesn't like steak (he looked like a hungry dog while he was eating it).

I would have been proud serving this to Sir Paul McCartney if he came over for dinner.

Photo of the day “Grilled Ribeye, Roasted Potatoes, and Green Beens”

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