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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Crisp

A lazy Sunday morning turns busy after a late breakfast.  Kyle requested eggs, corned beef hash and english muffins.  None of the items listed are in the house, so I run to Stop and Shop.

Sue and Luke are at church while I make home fries and add some potato to the corned beef.  Sue stops at CVS to pick up an anti inflammatory med for Kyle.  Kyle wakes up and hobbles down, his knee hurting and stiff.  I get him some ice and make sure he is comfortable on the couch.

This day in history "German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovers the planet Neptune at the Berlin Observatory.
Neptune, generally the eighth planet from the sun, was postulated by the French astronomer Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier, who calculated the approximate location of the planet by studying gravity-induced disturbances in the motions of Uranus. On September 23, 1846, Le Verrier informed Galle of his findings, and the same night Galle and his assistant Heinrich Louis d'Arrest identified Neptune at their observatory in Berlin. Noting its movement relative to background stars over 24 hours confirmed that it was a planet."

Breakfast is a big hit.  Sue want to know why we don't have big breakfasts like this anymore.  After breakfast it is time to start closing the pool for the season..  Luke catches the last few remaining frogs and relocates them to sump across the street.  I scoop out some leaves that came down the other night when we had a lot of wind.

Closing the pool is a little bit sad, but it is time.  Sue and Luke help as we coordinate blowing out the lines with a compressor, and putting in the corks and gizzmos on the returns and skimmers.  Now comes the heavy work.  The looploc cover now shows where the blue water used to.......

After dinner Luke and I go to the lake, and it is clear and brisk.  We both need jackets, a sure sign of fall.

Some apple crisp for dessert tonight.  Thanks everyone for reading, I just noticed that the blog has gone past 10,000 views.

Photo of the day "Apple Crisp"

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