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Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyle

I got to say Happy Birthday to Kyle this morning at 6am...I was making coffee while he was eating breakfast.  Our morning routine the same as usual except for a happy birthday hug.  Even at 16, he is not too old to hug his dad.  In private or in public, I always get mu hugs.

Once at work, the day flew by....We met up with Swami and Ruben today for lunch.  The usual suspects, Khary, Frank, and Sanjay enjoyed the Indian buffet at Kiran palace.

This day in history "Kyle Jenkins is born 16 years ago today at 3:51 pm to loving parents Bruce and Sue."   Kyle enters the world via an emergency c-section, and when Sue is roused from anesthesia, I hand her the little man.  We are both amazed once again about how lucky we are having our second child.  Kyle in the middle.

I rush home this afternoon to catch the Jenkins shuttle to the Longwood school out east.  We get to the school and there is no bus, no game, no cars.  That's because I mistakenly told Sue to drive to the middle school.  We are early so we backtrack a couple of miles and go to the JH School.

Luke is playing in his first Sachem school soccer game for Sequoya Middle School.  It is great to see his team winning, and especially exciting as he scores 2 goals today.

We congratulate the team as they leave the field and make way back to the school, the boys we are sure are having fun on the bus.

Back home, Kyle is chilling with Gia and me make plans for dinner.  We promised Luke Sushi. so we get takeout.  Kyle will get his special birthday dinner tomorrow.  His choice.

After dinner, it is time for presents.  Even though Kyle only asked for FIFA 13, which he go the other night thanks to pre-order, we had to get him something else.  A pair of Beats in ear headphones, and some gift cards to Applebees.  He loves both and now has an excuse to download or listen to music.  1/2 Price Apps, watch out, Kyle is ready !  Luke surprises with a hand made card, and some cash from his stash.

Sue watches a real tear jerker, the season premiere of Grays Anantomy.

Photo of the day "Birthday"

P.S.  The Beatles sing

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

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