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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Faces at Paces

I love weekends, after all, it is family time for most of us.  Perhaps not as lazy as we would like, and sometimes just as hectic as the work week.  BTW - Who decided that work the work/weekend split should be 5/2 ?

Up early for my weekend run...I don't dilly dally and leave as Sue and Luke head out to his middle school soccer practice at 745.  I log another 10 miles and am just shy of 700 miles for the year, and on track (pun) to hit my goal of 1000.

Kyle stays in bed till just shortly after 10am , finally getting his chance to sleep in.

This day in history "An article in the New York Times claims that Russian citizens want the "American dream": private property and a home of their own. The article was one of many that appeared during the 1950s and 1960s, as the American media attempted to portray the average Russian as someone not much different from the average American."

We are living the American Dream, as an average middle class family in suburbia albeit without the cat or dog as a pet.  With all the modern conveniences, why is it that we have less free time than our parents did a generation ago.

Kyle gets picked up at 1130 by his friend and team mate Mike, and heads up to the HS for a soccer match against rival team Brentwood.  He won't be playing in this one, as his knee is still not 100%, and our followup is Dr. appointment is not till Tuesday.

We head to the game while Luke plays some FIFA 13.  Sachem scores takes an early lead but can't hold on for the win.  Brentwood being a very skilled and physical team, gets a few goals and exploits even the smallest misstep or miscalculation.

Gavin is running cross country upstate and we use our modern convenience, the smart phone to txt him to see how he, and team did.  Gavin reports back that the Men's team placed 2nd, the Women's team placed 1st.  He then tells us that he personally took 2nd place in the XC meet with a course record.  We are very proud of his accomplishment and wish we could be in three places at once.

More juggling as we leave Sachem East HS and head to the Middle Country so that Kyle and Mike can be attendance at their club soccer practice.  No time to stop at home.  Both Kyle and Mike just watch the practice, as Mike got up ended in the HS game and hurt his elbow and wrist.

Finally, some family time is had as we make our way to Paces.  Kyle's choice for his birthday dinner.  "I didn't know it was this fancy" is what Kyle says as we are seated.  I told him not to worry about the prices, and order what he his case, the porterhouse medium and a french onion soup.

Sue opts for the petite fillet, Luke the pasta with clams, and me a departure from the normal, as I go with the 'marinated' porterhouse.  A great meal is enjoyed.  The elderly couple at the next table letting us know that we have a lovely family and the boys are very well behaved.  We should be proud parents.  Luke used his fork most of the time, LOL.

Photo of the day "Faces at Paces"

P.S.  Pace's might just have the best porterhouse steak in Suffolk County.  Next year, we might have to go to Ruth's Chris or Peter Luger to compare.

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