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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hartwick Cross Country

Woke up really early ...5:15 to get a jump on the drive upstate.  The sun wasn't even peeking thru yest when I stopped for gas in Holbrook.

A brisk morning, and I was undecided if I should wear shorts or sweats....

Anyway, a light drizzle on and off till I reached the Tapanzee Bridge.  No traffic and I was on schedule to arrive in Oneonta around 10:15 at the current rate of speeding (75mph).

This day in history "On this day in 1858, the new Overland Mail Company sends out its first two stages, inaugurating government mail service between the eastern and western regions of the nation."

Now we can communicate instantly.  TXT messaging or calling anywhere in the world.  And lets not forget pictures, videos, u-tube, twitter.  A world thirsty for information.

Well, I get to the Cross Country meet a few minutes after 10am, park the car and make my way over to the area that the teams are hanging out.  I get a TXT from Gavin with directions to the field in case I get lost.  Like I said, technology is amazing.  I TXT back that I am already there.

It is great to see Gavin, Krista and the team.  After some chit chat, meets and greats with Krista's mom, and Matt's parents, it is time for the Mens team to warm up.  I walk to the car to put on a light jacket as they take theirs off.

I try some fishing in a small river on the far side of the park...No luck.  My left foot soaked after a rock I stepped onto decided to tip.  The price your pay for getting to another spot on a river with only one access point..

Gavin and his buddies do well in the race.  A personal best time of 26:42 for Gavin (tie with John)...and Matt  only a few seconds behind.  A strong finish with three Hartwick runners in the top 20.

Next up is the Women's team, with Gavin and I cheering for Krista and the other girls.  A longer than usual race of 6K for them.  I don't know how anyone runs that fast for that long.

After the meet, we grab some Sushi.  I get to chat with Gavin, Krista, and Patty.  It was nice while it lasted.  On the road again around 3:45 with a stopover in New Paltz.

Hi Jodi.  I visit my sister, catch up on old times, and what is new with her and the family.  We go into town for dinner (Turkish), and have some leftovers.  I just don't eat as much as I used to.

Falling asleep on the couch at my sisters before having a chance to blog.  Late Blog

Photo of the day "Hartwick Cross Country"

P.S. When did I get so small.  Shorter every year.  Maybe I should try traction or inversion therapy.

BTW - Thanks to Hartwick Cross Country for the new t-shirt.  

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