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Thursday, September 6, 2012

When is Dinner ?

The traffic was not as bad today and getting to the bus stop and to work not as challenging.

The calendar is full again with after school activities, and it is going to be fun and interesting to see how we can juggle work activities such as practice, games, and meals.

On my way home, I stop by the health food store in Bluepoint to pick up my CSA fruits and vegetables.  An interesting assortment with one new item of mention ...shallots.

This day in history "To chart-topping American acts like Steve Lawrence ("Go Away Little Girl") and Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs ("Sugar Shack"), 1963 had been a year filled with promise. And then came the Beatles, whose dramatic arrival in January 1964 clearly posed a commercial threat. By the middle of 1964, with Louis Armstrong ("Hello Dolly") and Dean Martin ("Everybody Loves Somebody") both having earned #1 pop hits, it may have seemed that the worst was over. But then came another blow in the form of the Animals, whose signature hit, "House of The Rising Sun," reached #1 on the U.S. pop charts on this day in 1964. Steeped in a musical idiom very different from "She Loves You" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "House of The Rising Sun" hinted at an entirely new line of attack from the forces of the British Invasion."

The British are coming, the British are coming.  Seems to me that music back in the day had more meaning, political or social undertones.  Music today is just, mostly shallow and it all sounds the same.

A missed call on my cell phone from Sue who is going to Islip to catch Kyle playing in a HS soccer scrimmage.  Pre-season game.

I try calling her back, but no answer.  Once home, I see Luke and his friend Anthony playing pool and ping pong for a 2nd day....

Luke wants to know what's for dinner.  I tell him shrimp scampi and he is excited.

When is Dinner ?  I don't know.  Kyle is at a scrimmage.  I assume she will be picking him up at the HS and we will eat around 7PM...about 1.5 hours later than usual.

I decide to let the shrimp defrost and I go for a steamy hot run in the humidity at 430PM.  5 miles later....let's call this run 5 at 5....

Sue calls and says another parent will pick Kyle up at the HS and that she is on her way home.  Ooh...revision, Dinner is at 630PM.

We eat, and Kyle is not home yet.  He will have to deal with leftovers.  He has soccer practice tonight.  Sue gets a txt from Kyle who says he has too much homework...a 12 page outline and is not going to make it to practice tonight.

Let the games begin.....

Photo of the day "When is Dinner"

P.S. I have to get the home calendar in Google or Outlook so that I can overlay it on my iPhone calendar for work.  Let the games begin.

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