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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What kind of fish is this ?

Stopped at the bagel store this morning for an everything bagel with cream cheese.  $2.75 later I realized why we usually buy the cream cheese separate.  It is a nice change of pace after eating eggs every morning.  The lox I took from home made the breakfast at work a real treat.

Took a break mid day and picked up pernil and rice from the bodega.   Once a week or so, we go to the bodega.  A great $4 lunch.

This day in history "One of Ferdinand Magellan's five ships--the Vittoria--arrives at SanlÚcar de Barrameda in Spain, thus completing the first circumnavigation of the world. The Vittoria was commanded by Basque navigator Juan SebastiÁn de Elcano, who took charge of the vessel after the murder of Magellan in the Philippines in April 1521. During a long, hard journey home, the people on the ship suffered from starvation, scurvy, and harassment by Portuguese ships. Only Elcano, 17 other Europeans, and four Indians survived to reach Spain in September 1522."

After work I pick up Luke from his first soccer tryout.  He says he did well and thinks he has a good shot at making the team.  Coming in 4th on the 1.5 mile run out of 41 boys trying out is a good sign.  Only about half of the boys will make it.

Sue picks up a pizza for dinner.  A couple of slices of Sicilian hits the spot before Luke and head out to Lake Ronkonkoma.  The fishing is good an we stay till sunset.  I catch a new fish.  Or at least one we have not seen before.

Photo of the day "What kind of fish is this ?"

P.S. I looked on the internet and the closest match is a white perch.  Some States and conservationists consider the white perch a nusiance species in lakes as they out compete bass an walleye for food.  This little guy can grow to about a pound.  Wouldn't mind catching his grandpa then....

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