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Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Snow

This day marks the 1 month anniversary for the blog which started on Dec 21, 2011.  The number of views and followers is more than I expected, and again I want to thank everyone, and especially those who leave comments.

Excited this morning to see the snow falling, hoping it doesn’t get too deep.  Luke comes downstairs and is excited that there is snow.  He proceeds to collect some fresh snow in a cup and then a larger container so that he can eat it.  No syrup to make a snow cone, just plain snow.   When he wasn’t looking, I snuck a taste of fresh snow, which was a stark contrast to the hot cup of coffee I was sipping.

Kyle comes down a bit late today, as he decided to sleep in and not go to the church for peanut butter jelly gang.  The volunteer work typically takes the gang an hour or so to make hundreds of PB&J sandwiches for the church to donate.  Sue is not far behind, and is happy to not have anything to do, or place to go with the snow still falling.

I jinxed myself yesterday when I said that I had some work going on that might occupy my morning. I ended up being logged in, and on calls for most of the day, with a short break at 3:30 to shovel the snow, and another one spent at Pep Boys right before dinner.  I have a hard time starting Sue’s car which has to be moved to fully clear the driveway.  After shoveling, I go to start the car and the battery is dead.  Sue has been complaining of funny sounding starts the past couple of weeks.  I jump start the car, and spend an hour and a half at Pep Boys.  They tell me I need a new battery (exactly what i came in for)…In my head I am thinking “No Shit Sherlock”

This day in history “Concorde takes off”  From London's Heathrow Airport and Orly Airport outside Paris, the first Concordes with commercial passengers simultaneously take flight on January 21, 1976. The London flight was headed to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, and the Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Senegal in West Africa. At their cruising speeds, the innovative Concordes flew well over the sound barrier at 1,350 miles an hour, cutting air travel time by more than half.

I have always appreciated and respected technological innovation, as it is what provides us with so many of the modern conveniences we have today.   There has never been another commercially viable plane like it, and there probably never will be again.  The next step will be more like a leap, as companies try to take air travel to the upper stratosphere.  It will be reserved for the rich and famous, much like the Concorde.

Sometimes I get ideas that I can invent or market something.  My meat square idea, or the mailbox thing may one day make it to prototype.   Thinking back to when I was in HS and was thinking about going to college in California to study Solar Engineering.  That didn’t happen, but I have not lost my curiosity and sometimes watch shows like, “How it’s made”, “Modern Marvels”, or other Science, Nat Geo, or History channel shows. I just like to know how things happened or how things are done.

Photo of the day “First Snow”

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  1. I was happy to see my Snow Thrower start up like a champ as it enters its 10th season. Took a while for it to warm up and do it's thing but after a few minutes, it did the job.