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Monday, January 30, 2012


I got out of the office today at lunch time and decided to go hunting for a TV.  We checked the advertisements over the weekend, and with Superbowl Sunday fast approaching, the sales are on.  It is a tough decision, but I head to Target to see if any of the items they had on sale are actually available to view.  Price isn’t everything, so I want to see the picture quality side by side with other TVs.

I am out of luck at the first Target, as they have the TV in stock but not on display.  Having checked on the Internet first, I figured the stores that had the item in stock would have it on display.  Only a few miles away is another Target, the one that supposedly did not have the TV in stock, so I decide to go there.  Well, they have all the TV’s they advertised and a huge all dedicated to displaying them.  Thinking the largest and cheapest priced set will surely have the worst picture.  Well, I cant believe my eyes, when the set I wanted actually looked better than some of the higher priced TVs. 

So much to choose from,  LED, 3D, and all that.  I decide to buy last years LCD set, energy star rated, with a 120Hz refresh rate.  It has to be better than what we are watching now.  No haggle, and an additional 5% off if I open a target credit card…After signing for the TV, the guy in electronics tells me that he will bring the set out and get it into my car.  I head out and move all my crap to the front seat, fold down the rear seats and pull to the front of the store.  A few minutes later, out comes a huge box which from first glance is going to be tough to get into the back.   I help the guy lift the set and slide it into the back of the Hyundai Santa Fe…. A perfect fit.  Can’t wait to get a TV stand that can hold this so we can watch it Superbowl Sunday.

This day in history “Born 30 Jan 1925 Douglas Carl Engelbart”

Douglas Carl Engelbart was an American electrical engineer and inventor who invented the computer mouse, which he developed in the 1960s and patented 17 Nov 1970. For input, he also collaborated in the invention of joystick, track ball and light pen devices. It was part of his larger work developing a computer graphical user interface (as opposed to merely keyboard input and text display). This involved a multiple window display, and the ability to display not only text, but also images, audio, video in a single document. After earning his Ph.D. (1955), he joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). There, he also worked on ARPANET. By 9 Dec 1968, at a computer conference, he conducted the world's first video conference, multiple window display, as well as collaboration online, and his mouse device for input. Further research was done at Xerox.«

After coming home, Kyle helps me take the TV out of the car, and get it into the house.  I decide to cool Chicken Tikka Masala, Basmati Rice, Peas, PapaDams, and chutney.  A perennial favorite at the Jenkins house, and soon after is finished the kids start to arrive for religion class.  A good time for me to go the gym and work off some of that rice, and the chili and cheeseburger I grabbed from Wendy’s the day before.

Kyle is excited, and we go to the basement so he can explain his ideas for re-finishing the basement.  I tell him that we have a lot of work to do to just get all the crap out of the room, let alone make it the man cave he has in mind.  While down in the dungeon, I spot a mouse, and another, and another.  Man, we have a real cleanup to do.  I caught a few of them already.

Photo of the day “Mouse”

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