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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Samsung TV for sale

Nothing is easy it seems.  This morning while reading the Sunday Newsday, Luke came to look at the advertisements and picked out some TV’s that would be great for the basement.  I really like the thin ones, with not so much plastic around the top and sides he says.  I agree, they are beautiful, and while we are at it, why not get the LED, 3D, 240Hz 55inch model that just came out ?  I am leaning towards a 46inch lesser name Westinghouse (target) , ELEMENT (costco) , or INSIGNIA (best buy) for about $1000 less than the fancy one listed above.   We have a Westinghouse 46 inch TV in the family room…while not the best, it will probably be the set that makes its way to the basement, with the new one staying upstairs.

Seems the same saga played out when we went to look at laminate floors this afternoon after soccer, at Lumber Liquidators.  I was drawn to take a look at them when I saw a really cheap, or should I say inexpensive laminate that cost only $0.49 per square foot.  Well, once we are in the showroom, we can see why this piece of laminate is in the far right hand bottom corner of the store.  Most of the pricier ones look nicer and have longer warranties.  We took a photo of two products on Kyle’s fancy cell phone, and we will continue looking. 

You can’t just float the laminate flooring on the basement concrete floor, so we need to add a moisture barrier and pad, or some combo that is made for laying laminate flooring.  Well, that cost about the same price as the cheap floor I saw advertised.   So, with internet in hand, it is time to do some more research, and I think we will have to have a budget vote in the Jenkins house so that we can afford the other items on the list.  Air Hockey, Foosball table, ping pong, TV stand, table and folding chairs, and unless the boys approve of the old hand me down couch and love seat, furniture too.

At one point in time, or at least as long as the boys can remember, we had a finished basement, with all these basic necessities, and more.  It even had a 27 inch TV with built  in VCR player on one side of the room, and a 32inch LCD on the other side. An old surround sound stereo, and games such as Xbox, Sony PS 2, Nintendo 64, Nintendo, Dreamcast, etc.  That is until the great flood destroyed most of it.

This day in history “Allen B(alcom) Du Mont  Born 29 Jan 1901

Allen B(alcom) Du Mont was an American
engineer who perfected the first commercially practical cathode-ray tube, which was not only vitally important for much scientific and technical equipment but was the essential component of the modern television receiver. The early cathode ray tubes were imported from Germany at high cost, but they burned out after 25 or 30 hours. In the 1930's, he simplified and improved the production of cathode ray tubes lasting a thousand hours. A financially successful by-product of his television work was the cathode ray oscillograph. After WW II, Du Mont had become the industry's first millionaire, investing also in broadcasting stations. The Du Mont Broadcasting Co. he began in 1955 grew to become Metromedia, Inc.

It is really ironic that you can’t even find a tube television or computer monitor in any store that I know of.  Since LCD has come down in price, it looks like plasmas and plain LCD’s (those without LED backlights or 240hz refresh rates)  are getting deeply discounted.  Time to buy some of last year’s technology I think.

Photo of the day “Samsung TV for sale”

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  1. Check out Build It Green for the flooring. It is sort of hit or miss on what they have but over the past couple of years they seem to have grown significantly so have a lot more to choose from.