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Monday, January 23, 2012


Did anyone ever wonder why society has us working thru the best years of our life, and retiring when we are getting old and worn out.  Unless you are born wealthy, hit the lottery, live off the land, or join a commune you will probably require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars to cover your expenses.  What if you had the chance to borrow the money you need to get a house, car, raise a family if you so choose, go on vacations, and all that stuff from say the time you graduate college to around 45 years old.
Now that you have raised your children, and did all the things you thought of doing, it is time to go to work.  With healthy lifestyles, and less stress, the average person can be productive till they are about 75 years old.  So for the next 30 years you pay back what you owe.  Since you have so much life experience, you should easily be able to get a job paying $100K.  In 30 short years, you pay back what you owe and still have some to get thru the golden years.

I am sure there are plenty of flaws in this, as in why not be a deadbeat, play Frisbee all day, and not payback what you owe.

At least I can still have carefree thoughts, play the lottery and dream. 

This day in history “On this day in 1957, machines at the Wham-O toy company roll out the first batch of their aerodynamic plastic discs--now known to millions of fans all over the world as Frisbees.
The story of the Frisbee began in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where William Frisbie opened the Frisbie Pie Company in 1871. Students from nearby universities would throw the empty pie tins to each other, yelling "Frisbie!" as they let go. In 1948, Walter Frederick Morrison and his partner Warren Franscioni invented a plastic version of the disc called the "Flying Saucer" that could fly further and more accurately than the tin pie plates. After splitting with Franscioni, Morrison made an improved model in 1955 and sold it to the new toy company Wham-O as the "Pluto Platter"--an attempt to cash in on the public craze over space and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

As a carefree teenager, I played ultimate Frisbee with my friends. It was an easy game to play, kept us busy, out of trouble, and we got lots of exercise.  In those days, you didn’t have to chase the kids off the video games to go play outside…quite the opposite, parents had to gather the kids from the streets, playground, or park where they were playing.  

We had a common rule in the Pomonok, that was it was time to go home when its turned dusk or when the street lights came on.  That time varied, and if a mom had already cooked dinner, you can hear her or a sibling yelling out the window, “Its time for dinner”.

Wham-o is also responsible for hula hoops, super balls, slip and slide, hacky sack, and boogie board.  I have played with all of these items and more.  Thanks to their creativity, generations have enjoyed the fun, and unless you are too old, why not join in.

We have a new game to play at the beach.  It is based on that flying disc, the Frisbee.  It is called Kan Jam.  You set up two cans about 30 or 40 feet apart, and then with teams of 2 per side, take turns trying to get the Frisbee into a ‘mail slot’ in the can, or into the open top of the can, or hit the can.  Each scores you a predetermined number of points.  Oh yeah, you can try to knock the Frisbee out of its flight path and into the can for points too.  No carries if you know what I mean.  When you have had enough Frisbee, grab a boogie board and hit the waves, it is a great way to cool off.
Photos of the day “Frisbee”

Shout out to our adopted for a week, son "Tim"....he is such a beast going for the one that the wind caught !!!

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