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Friday, May 18, 2012


The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky.   Beautiful day across Long Island, and the weekend forecast is the same.

The folks at work indulged me in my flashing of the iPhone.  It is not easy to come by at my company which is deeply entrenched with Blackberry.  I am so happy to have a fresh, fast, multi application capable device.

I pick up the 4 feet of part hero, pretzels, chips, and Doritos for the fishing trip tomorrow.

This day in history "On this day in 2001, the fledgling movie studio Dreamworks SKG, founded by Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, releases what will become its most successful film to date: the animated feature Shrek.
Based on William Steig’s 1990 children’s book, Shrek was vividly re-imagined by Dreamworks animators as a subversive twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast story. The studio had originally signed the comedian Chris Farley to provide the voice for the titular green ogre, and his death in December 1997 temporarily set the project back, as the character of Shrek had been tailored to his personality and voice. After Mike Myers signed on, he lent his own spin to the character, including a thick Scottish accent with the flavor of Myers’ native Canada."

Kyle is over his girlfriends house so Luke, Sue and I go to Portion Road Sushi....a nondescript sushi place that is inexpensive and good.

On the way hone we make the rounds at a Sears Hardware that is closing down (10-30% off)...not too many bargains really, but an air chuck for the compressor, and a red white and blue volley ball find their way to the register.

Another stop at Atias Flea Market...pretty sketchy really.  We were hoping to find a suitable case for the new iPhones (Sue and I).  I just couldn't purchase the cheap "defender" touted as better than the otter box.  Sue looked at perhaps a hundred covers and decided to not get one there.  Maybe at a Kiosk at the mall ?

Last stop is Leslie's pools to look at poolside basketball and volleyball.  All priced pretty high, so we put our name on the mailing list and hope for a Memorial Day Sale.  We don't leave empty handed, as I schlep to 40lb bags of salt the car.  The salt is to make chlorine.  Salt is NaCl or sodium chloride.  We installed a salt chlorine generator that breaks the bonds of the salt in our pool water to release pure chlorine.  The chlorine after sanitizing re-bonds with the sodium and the process continues.

We have to add some salt after loosing enough water thru splashing, or from the winter when we are forced to pump some water out so the pool doesn't overflow.  Anyway, we fed about 20 lbs of salt int the pool and we will check the salt generator tomorrow (today it said, "LOW SALT")

I will try to get to bed early tonight and set my clock for 04:30 so we can leave for fishing around 05:00.

I just checked the Solar outstanding 33.6Kwh produced today.  Thank you sun !!

Photo of the day "Solar Power"

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