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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gavin's in the house

Get up a little late today since I am driving up to Oneonta NY, Hartwick College to pick up Gavin.

Notice my passenger front tire is really low....pull into the driveway to put air in it, and see a nail.  Having to drive 500+ miles today, I decide I better have this repaired.

This day in history " Gavin finishes freshman year of college "

Stop at service station in Holbrook and plead my case.  I get the attention of an old timer who pulls the nail, patches the tire.  On the road 40 minutes later than intended.

Hit traffic on the other side of the Throgs Neck Bridge....Pot Hole Repair.  WTF

Gavin TXT at 2:10 that he is done with his calc final.  I am still 30 minutes away on cruise control doing a bit over the posted speed limit.  As I pass the spot I got pulled over a couple of weeks ago, I take a mental note of the surroundings and no POPO in sight.

Once on campus we begin packing up the car.  Gavin's roomie, Matt helps out.  Last to be packed is the triathlon time trial bike....

We make way to the Yellow Deli in town for some lunch.  We split too amazing sandwiches, the Reuben and a Deli Rose.  I can see why the Yellow Deli is a favorite.

We go for an excursion to Wilbur lake, a place we can fish and launch a kayak.   Too bad I don't live up there.

On the road at 430pm, we do great until we get to the Bronx.  Then we hit the traffic wall....

Home at 915pm.....

Photo of the day "Yellow Deli"

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