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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bunk Beds

Took Kyle to referee a soccer game in Selden.

Decided to go for run...turned around at 3 miles, forcing me to run back start, completing 6 miles.  The last mile  was tough as the sun was overhead and it seemed like more uphill than downhill.  Completed in under an hour so I am happy.

Being able to track my run and listen to Pandora at the same time, priceless.  I have "Tears for Fears" radio station in Pandora

This day in history "On this day in 1873, San Francisco businessman Levi Strauss and Reno, Nevada, tailor Jacob Davis are given a patent to create work pants reinforced with metal rivets, marking the birth of one of the world's most famous garments: blue jeans.
Born Loeb Strauss in Buttenheim, Bavaria, in 1829, the young Strauss immigrated to New York with his family in 1847 after the death of his father. By 1850, Loeb had changed his name to Levi and was working in the family dry goods business, J. Strauss Brother & Co. In early 1853, Levi Strauss went west to seek his fortune during the heady days of the Gold Rush."

I still wear Levis.  More Dockers now than the old blue jeans.  To be honest, I am finding Lee jeans and business casual attire to be a more comfortable fit.  At least the 29 length is correct and I am not chopping up the bottoms like on most of my jeans and slacks..

Today, Sue spent most of the day rearranging the boys room.  Kyle and Luke have been in bunk beds for like 10 years, so dismantling then and separating the twin beds marked the end of an era.  With Gavin coming home this week from his first year in college, I am sure he will want his room back.  Kyle got so tall, I swear if he sits up in bed on the top bunk he will bang his head on the ceiling.

Luke and his friends go for a swim in the pool after I put the diving board on.  Summer is in full swing, and Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner.

Time to watch Mr. Popper Penguins.

Photo of the day "Bunk Beds Separated"

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