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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Space X

I thought Kyle was going to get up early today, but due to the rain he didn't go for his morning run.  I thought I was driving him to school so was lazying around instead of making my lunch.  Left the house abruptly to catch his bus...

Decided that it would be a good idea to check out Sue's Honda Pilot that shakes a lot when braking.   Leave work early to go to Pep Boys.  Big mistake.

This day in history "Privately owned Space Exploration Technologies launched a test run to the International Space Station early Tuesday, but visiting the orbital outpost is just the beginning of the company's grand plan to give humanity a toehold on Mars.
"Our goal is to revolutionize space transport, so we'll be doing every kind of space transport, except for suborbital. We'll launch satellites of all shapes and sizes, service the space station with cargo and crew, and then the long-term objective is to develop a space transport system that will enable humanity to become a multi-planet species," company founder and chief executive officer Elon Musk said in an interview with ."

Back here on earth, I get to Pep Boys at 3pm and don't see anyone in the waiting area...sure there are a couple of cars in the shop, but not bad.  40 minutes later the diagnosis, like big surprise, we need front brakes and rotors.  Luckily for me, I had already logged in and was working from the waiting area.

We will have you out of here in about 30 minutes is what the guys tell me.  An hour later I take peek into the shop and see Sue's car still on the lift, no mechanic near it, and one tire still on the floor.  I ask how much longer...they tell me they only had one rotor.  They sent someone to their store that's 15 minutes away to get another one.

Now it's 530pm, blood sugar low, temper high, and patience waning.  All they had to do was say that they needed to get parts and that it would be a couple of few hours and I would have called Sue to pick me up.  

Finally after three hours they tell me my car is ready.  No apologies for he delays, no I am sorry Mr. Jenkins.  I ask for a discount based on the poor service and get 10% off.   I feel good knowing the car is ready for the long ride to Maryland this weekend, and that I saved some money.  

Come home an make some leftover paella.  Watch a silly movie, "Arthur" and veg out.

Photo of the day "Space X'

P.S.  Someday we may be travelling to other planets....will we need brakes ?  Pep Boys does everything for less, except in the time department......

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