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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orient Point

415 wake up this morning to go fishing.  A quick shower and a K-cup and we got out on the road for our pilgrimage to the long island fishing mecca, Orient Point.

A quick stop at 'bruce's deli' in Mattituck for egg sandwiches, and with the sun peaking out now, we know it is going to be a good day.  BTW - the deli is really called Wendy's Deli, but since I used to coordinate fishing charters out to Mattituck, my friends started calling it Bruce's deli.

So its Bruce, Ed, Scott, Jose, Chris, and Louis today for some striped bass and fluke fishing.

This day in history "Ed slams the bass with a record 5 keepers"

The morning was a frenzy, with a limit (12 bass for 6 fisherman) caught within 2 hours.  That meant an early celebration beer and some sandwiches before heading to Gardiners bay for some fluke fishing.

We have always had great success out in Orient Point, fishing on the Black Rock with Capt. Sloan, and his mate Joe.

The weather and the fishing did not disappoint and we proceeded to put together a relaxing catch of fluke with a couple of keepers mixed in.

A great weather day as well.

I get home just in time to have a quick cup of coffee and its off to watch Kyle play soccer in Massapequa.  The game starts late, and without an official referee.  The game turns out to be a mess and before the end, we leave the field.

I had to put on a jacket and noticed that I have sunburn on my neck and arms...

Now 8pm, we decide to indulge Luke by going to Popeye's chicken.  It was ok.  The chicken was good, the sides not so good, the iced too gross.  I should have just made the paella at 830.

Now I am really tired, and will be heading to be early tonight....Luke wants to go fishing tomorrow....we may go in the afternoon or eve trip.

Photo of the day "Orient Point"

P.S. That's Ed, aka "Limit" and Bruce "Almighty"  - He was top hook and over the limit....

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