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Monday, May 7, 2012


On the way to work my mind was wandering and I forgot to drop Kyle off at bus stop.  I had just turned the corner onto Broadway ave.when Kyle and I turned to each other and said, WTF.  I dropped him off at the next bus stop up just in case the bus had already left from his pickup.

Kyle made it to school.  I made it work.

This day in history "Pink Floyd releases the single MONEY in the US in 1973"

I have always loved Pink Floyd.

We have fresh fluke for dinner thanks to Luke and our fishing trip yesterday.  I add in a couple of artichokes, french fries, and corn.  Nice to get back into the routine of a home cooked meal after being out this weekend.

Kyle is off to soccer practice.  I put down some seed and fertilizer on the lawn.  That usually equates to bird food.

A 35 minute run and I am ready to take it easy.

Sue and Luke fell asleep on the couch right after 2 Broke Girls.....

I m happy watching some TV, reading some emails, planning my next fishing trip, and blogging.

Photo of the day"Fluke"

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