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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Getting towards the end of the week and looking forward to the weekend.  Cinco de mayo and an excuse to have some Mexican food, and tequila.  

Work is work...Ever wonder why they don't call it play ?

After dinner a visit to the gym so that I can work up a good sweat...I did tell you that sweat, is fat crying....

I have been making some progress on my goal of running 1000 miles by year end.  I wish I would have included walking and miles logged on the elliptical.  A goal is a goal, so the report is 250 miles beneath my feet.  It is a little bit of the mark so I will have to pick up the number of miles as it gets nicer...although now that i think about it...running when it is hot out is pretty tough.  

This day in history"Soul Brother #1,"The Godfather of Soul," "Mr. Dynamite," "Sex Machine," "The Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk." These are some of the names by which the world would eventually know James Joseph Brown, Jr., the revolutionary musical figure who was born on this day in 1933. The story Brown himself would often tell is that he appeared stillborn when he first came into the world, but that an aunt attending his birth managed to breathe life into him."

As a child, I recall my first two records ...45 RPM records that is.  One was the Beatles and other James Brown.  Well its been along time since I listened to James Brown, but his influence on the music industry is unmistakable.  I wonder where Michael Jackson got his moves ??

Gavin sent me an interesting article today that suggests moderate an average pace for 2-3 hrs per week has been studied and according to the report can add 6-7 years onto a persons life.  They qualify the study as saying not to go all out, but to keep a comfortable or moderate pace....exactly the pace I have settled into.  This means I may have to save more for retirement or retire at an older age.  

Better yet, I should work the numbers and see if collecting social security and from my 401K earlier and longer will be better.   The way I see it, the sooner I start collecting, and the longer I live, the more of my own money I can get back.

Photo of the day "Popcorn"

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