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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soccer Cancelled

After a day at work that was full of surprises, I decided to go straight to Costco.

Shopped for all the major food groups.  Got to the check out and they told me my membership expired and hit me up for $110 membership.  So $440 later, we have enough chicken, meat, fish, and other goodies to last....a couple of weeks ??

This day in history "A particularly intense tornado hits Sherman, Texas, on this day in 1896, and kills 73 people. It is estimated that the tornado was a rare F5 tornado, in which winds exceeded 260 miles per hour. Storms of that strength happen, on average, less than once a year.
The strength of tornadoes is measured on the Fujita Scale, named after University of Chicago physicist Tetsuya Theodore Fujita. He was the first scientist to devote extensive study to tornadoes and how they operate. He discovered that the average tornado is 150 feet wide, travels one mile moving 40 mph in a northeasterly direction and tends to pick up strength the longer it lasts. Fujita found that only 30 percent of twisters reach winds above 112 miles per hour. The strongest tornadoes--ones that cause complete destruction on the ground, even to steel-reinforced structures--are designated as F5 on the scale designed by Fujita and only occur in North America. There were 94 recorded F5 tornadoes in the 20th century."

While I hate to hear about natural disasters, they do spark some curiosity.  Storm chasers is fun to watch, as it is incredible how powerful these storms can be.  What I really cant understand is how we keep building in tornado alley and not expect horrible things to happen when a storm forms and bears down.

Dinner choices abounded tonight and the hungry people in the house voted for a simple oven baked chicken wings, mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli.  Simple yet very satisfying especially with some hot sauce and blue cheese dressing.

Gonna watch the season finale of Glee.

Photo of the day "Soccer Cancelled"

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